New CD Project, 2017

A two-day recording session took place on March 24 and 25. 

First, we removed the pew cushions to improve the acoustic. Each stack is taller than I am!

Some last-minute details!

Microphones are in place.

I am ready to record. Please note that my t-shirt says Indiana University in Korean! Not exactly a flattering photo of me, but hey, I love my school! I never knew that the Indiana crimson goes perfectly well with the Methodist's red carpet. 

We turned off nearly all lights because the microphones are so sensitive, they detect the humming of the lights. (That also made it fun waiting for passing traffic, since Providence UMC sits at the intersection of two major roads.)

I give special thanks to Phil Parkey and Chris Bowman for tuning beautifully, and especially to Ben Lewis for his hard work sitting through the many hours of recording and editing! Also, I thank Andrew and Adam for helping, and I'm forever grateful for members of Providence UMC for helping remove cushions as well as their unending support.

I just received the first edited CD. It is coming along nicely.

New CD 

Expected to be released Summer of 2017

on the Robinson Family Organ at Providence United Methodist Church, Charlotte
Parkey Organbuilders Opus 14,
incorporating Aeolian-Skinner Opus 1472
formerly housed in the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

Sponsored generously by Parkey Organbuilders
and members of Providence United Methodist Church